Color Theme Thursday

I'm bringing back Color Themed Thursdays!

#1 questions clients ask me.....What should we wear?!?! Should we match?!?!?

I'm hoping with these posts it will give potential clients a little help with ideas of how to coordinate families for their pictures.

I'm going to start this week with a picture of my own little family. :)

The first outfit that was picked out was actually my husband's. From there I knew our color palette would be grey,red,white,black, and jean. I pulled what we had from our wardrobe already and then went and picked up the last remaining items to finish the outfits. 

So, that's it! Look for next week's Color Theme Thursday for more ideas :) I will also have an Color Theme Thursday ALBUM on my Facebook page to scroll through!

Thanks to Aaron Huniu Photography for taking this shot!!