Make Over Monday

Oh wait, It's not Monday!! OH WELL!!!

Since my 2nd child has been born I've been super absent on the blog. It's been brought to my attention that I need to step it up in the Facebook and Blog department, so once again I'm bringing back some special weekly blog posts that I used to do in the past :)

Make Over Mondays is when I post an image that I've photographed 2 different ways. First I post the picture just as I see it straight out of the camera. The next image I post is the final image after I've edited it.

I do all my editing in Lightroom and final touch ups in Photoshop. In Lightroom, I adjusted for exposure, shadows and contrast, and then desaturated it. In Photoshop, I sharpened it and did a few touch ups.

Here is an image from a recent shoot. This little guy was so handsome and just too sweet! enjoy!