I can't sleep, so I'll blog :)

The past 2 months have flown by and I can't believe my little guy is so big already!! I've been super busy trying to balance work and having 2 kids. Judah's not big on napping during the day, so getting anything done has been challenging! I'm so fortunate to have a job where I can stay home with my kids though, and wouldn't change it for anything!! 
I've been busy with regular sessions and am starting back up with weddings at the end of April. Now that we have the new little guy we have decided to cut down on weddings since they are so time consuming. We are only taking on one wedding a month and it's first come first serve! If you are wanting to hire us for the 2012 year...please contact me asap to see if there is still an opening for the month of your wedding.
Here's a sweet pic of my sweet babies! I really should post the outtakes from this quick session. Half of them Judah is trying to eat her face, or screaming hysterically lol! I guess I'll go try to get some zzzzz's before the sun rises...night!