The shortest session ever!

So after that last teaser you are probably wondering why I titled it what I did, and what happened! It really was the shortest family session of all time. We shot a few images of the family at the park in Del Mar. The plan was to get a few in the first outfit and then change into the second outfit and get some pictures of the baby's first time at the beach. It was freezing that day, but we were really excited to capture his first time feeling the sand and the water :) So while mom and dad quickly changed "S" decided he was done with the session and was ready for bed. He was passed out!! There is no waking a sleepy baby...unless you want a super cranky baby, so our session was done! Vanessa and Austin decided they wanted a few pictures of the two of them, and we would reschedule the rest of their session for a different day. 
Here are a few of my favorites...enjoy!

He sure was happy for being so exhausted!!