Me, my Mom, and Maddie just got back from taking our first girls only road trip together. The real reason we went is for me to go to WPPI, a convention for photographers that they host at the MGM Hotel every year. This was the first year I was able to go, and I soon found out what I had been missing out on the last few years. I learned so much about how to run and grow my business that will fit my personal life as well. Since starting in 2008, I have struggled with balancing my business as well as my personal life and unfortunately my personal life, my friends and my family suffered the most. I am so excited to put into motion all of the new things I have learned this past week. There will be some major changes, but I'm excited to really start digging in and making those happen!
On the way to Vegas we drove through quite a bit of snow. It was very exciting and made the drive that much more enjoyable! We decided to pull of the road for a bit and really enjoy it!



My first day there I took a class in the afternoon. While waiting in line to get in I had the pleasure of meeting Casey! Her and I went to lunch the next day at The Artisian Casino. At first sight of the casino we were a little worried about how our lunch might turn out. The outside of the casino was run down and in a super crummy area, but once inside we were pleasantly surprise. The Artisian resembled a haunted mansion. It was pure goth from the ceiling to floor with awesome furniture scattered throughout. 
Casey and I had fun taking a few pictures before sat down for lunch.


p.s. The food there at their restaurant, Mood, is incredible! I highly enjoyed every single thing we ate!

I also took some pictures of this adorable family while I was there!

It was a great trip, and I can't wait for next year!!!