Food Find Friday- Voodoo Donut

This past weekend I finally made it up to Eugene, Oregon to visit my best friend, Lauren and her boyfriend Richard. My friends Ryan and Matt came too! We had an amazing time just doing what we all do best....talking, watching reality tv, laughing a TON, and EATING! 
Brian and I are huge Man vs. Food fans, and had seen Adam at Voodoo Donut at some point on the show and we both immediately wanted to visit there someday.

I found this shot of the donuts they specially made for Man vs. Food while they were there.

 When I heard that they had just opened one in Eugene we HAD to go there! The donuts were SO amazing that we ended up going back for more the next day. 

I loved the front of the store! 

Ok, so when you go there you HAVE to try my favorites! I'm not usually a huge fan of chocolate icing on donuts, but theirs is amazing! I LOVED the original voodoo donut which is a jelly filled voodoo doll with chocolate icing, The orange TANG donut...sounds gross, but SO good, the Rice Crispy donut with chocolate icing and peanut butter, and the bavarian cream filled maple donut...omg SO good!

Next time you are in Portland or Eugene you must try these guys out!!