Food Find Friday-Cupcake Love

My mom and I decided at the beginning of September to try to do 1 month of no sugar AT ALL. To some that might seem easy, but if you know my mom and's nearly impossible. 
We were doing great...a little over 3 weeks in when my mom asked me if I had seen the new cupcake store, Cupcake Love in the mall. I told her that I had seen it from the floor below, but had purposefully not gone to that floor because I was avoiding even looking at the cupcakes!
She then asked if we should cheat and buy a 12 pack of minis with all 12 of the flavors. UGH, I have no willpower, and of course went along. We ended up going home and splitting them all and eating every last bite...gross, huh?
I fell in LOVE with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ecstasy, the German Chocolate Love Story, and the Fancy Pants Red Velvet!!!!
I got some again when my father in law was visiting this past week. Him and my husband didn't care for them, so I guess they are not for everyone....I still think they are amazing :)
They are super dense, and more like a rich cake then a fluffy cupcake and they have TONS of delicious frosting!!
I was on their website looking at their wedding images, and thought that this was such a cute idea!

And here are the ones we scarfed down a few days ago :)
Taken with my iPhone