Stacey wanted to give her husband an extra special gift for their 2 year anniversary coming up. She wrote me and asked if I could come up with a very special idea for the boudoir pictures she wanted to give to him as a present. 
Knowing that Stacey was originally from Valley Center I thought it would be great to do a country vibe for her boudoir session. I wasn't sure how she would react to an outdoor boudoir session, and honestly I was a little worried about doing it in public. I chose to do them at sunrise at Daley Ranch thinking that it would be a great time and not many people. So we made the long hike up the hill with all of our props and a few shots in....and then were caught by the ranger....dangit! She wasn't upset that we were taking pictures, but that we were taking pictures off of the trail. We were asked to leave that area, and we sadly made the hike back down. 
We finished up the session at Stacey's home and ended up getting some great images that I'm sure her husband will love :)
Here are just a few of my "blog friendly" favorites!