Jude & Melissa-Catalina Wedding Teasers

What a fabulous day, fabulous wedding, fabulous trip! I met up to second shoot with 
Lynn Dao this weekend to shoot a wedding on Catalina Island! 
Lynn contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would be comfortable with coming over to Catalina by myself and staying the night with her in her hotel room. I had never met her before and usually would be very hesitant, but I said SURE! I thought it would be a great experience, and I would get a chance to see the island! 
Lynn and I showed up at the adorable Edgewater hotel right on the main strip of Avalon. We met with the front office lady where Lynn requested a cot for us since there was only a queen sized bed in the room. Come to find out they don't offer cots. Two complete strangers sharing a queen sized bed...little weird, right? Not at all!! We hit it off right away, and had an awesome slumber party :) 

I'll explain more about the wedding in the full post, but here's just a quick teaser...enjoy :)

I spent the morning roaming around and shooting Avalon while I waited for the boat ride home. Here are just a few quick shots of the gorgeous Catalina!

catalina copy

catalina-4 copy

catalina-3 copy

catalina-2 copy

catalina-5 copy