A very busy Thursday...

Maddie has been completely obsessed with these cupcakes that they have at our grocery store for the past year. Every time we tell her we are going grocery store she gets super excited and asks if she can look at her cupcakes while we are there, and the entire time we are there she continually asks if we can go back and look at them one more time! We have been telling her this past year that we would go to the store for her 3rd birthday and let her actually buy them :) So yesterday was the day...the day she actually got to put them in her basket and take them home. Because of her crazy obsession with cupcakes we decided this year's birthday party would be everything cupcake :)

After we got home we had some good friends over to help us bake 104 cupcakes for Maddie's big birthday extravaganza coming up tomorrow!!

While the cupcakes were in the oven I asked Jessica if we could take a quick shot of her tummy. She didn't want maternity shots, but everyone needs at least one shot of the preggo belly :)
After nap we headed to the park to meet up with my nephew, niece, and sister in law to take some more pics for PoppySprouts
My niece,Lorena, is their newest model for these adorable clothes!

Rena does a great pirate/popeye
She's pretty stinkin cute

Maddie and Zach were occupied with a dirt patch while Rena was modeling.