It's been a month?

I can not believe it has been almost a MONTH since I blogged last *slaps hand*, but there are a few really good reasons that I haven't. This last month has been crazy busy, and lots of newness has been goin on :)
First off... I got a studio!!!! Well, it's not a shooting studio, but more a place to meet clients! I've been working on getting it decorated, and will post pictures as soon as it's ready!
Next, and most exciting....I am now a FULL time photographer. For the past 2 years I have attempted to work a full time day job on top of my photography business. It's been alot to say the least. I'm finally able to enjoy my life without being stressed over not having enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done! It's an amazing feeling for me as well as my family :)
And last but not least.... Brian and I went on a cruise! Almost everyone we know has talked about their cruising fun while we were saving to go on ours. By saving I mean saving points on our SeaMiles Mastercard. We have this credit card that racks up points that you eventually can use to take a cruise. We finally had enough points to take us on a 3 night cruise to Ensenada, a 2 hour off road dune buggy excursion, and $100 spending money while onboard....all for FREE!!! To make it even better Brian had NO idea we were going until the night before...I completely surprised him...I was super proud of myself as well as all of our friends and family for not totally blowing it :) He was in shock and super stoked!

I'm now back to work, and working on getting albums ordered and getting a few new blogs ready to post within the next week!

Here's a quick snapshot of us on formal night on the boat :)