Business Women's Expo

I have been dying to do an expo since I started my business, but the few that I looked into either cost too much or were too hard to get into.
About a month ago I got a letter from my chiropractor announcing that she was holding an expo at her office, but she had a little twist. It was going to be an all women's expo where the vendors are women and the guests are women.
I spent the past week working on my table presentation. I had SO much fun designing the table layout, and so much fun attending the expo as a vendor. It was an all around great experience!

I was able to grab a few quick shots of my setup. I wish I would have had time to get some detail shots of it, but I was so late getting there. Right as I was on my way there, Brian called me to tell me he was taking Maddie to the doctor. She was having a hard time breathing. I met him at the doctor's office and she got new nebulizer meds and a cool fishy mask that will allow her to take in more of the meds than she was getting before!
The other ladies at the expo were extra specially nice to me, and helped me get everything set up just in time :)