Rocky The Zombie

My good friend, Amber, over at RockerByeBaby has hooked me up with a couple of different small business owners that needed product shots for their lines on Etsy . I shot a quick session with Maddie and Amber's boys this past weekend just to get a few images for Rocky to put up in her shop. It ended up that the only time we could do them was the middle of the day when the light is just awful, so we found a small spot of shade in my backyard, and did a quick 10 minutes session.

Hey Amber, I think we should video tape next time we do one of these to show everyone how insanely crazy it is when we do's pretty nuts when these 3 get together, and then when we throw trying to get them to model for the camera in the's just nutty! haha! We were deflinetely sweating when that 10 minutes was over :)

So here they are....the new kid designs from the wonderfully talented Rocky The Zombie