Our Day Off

With Brian and I both working 2 jobs....days like this are few and far between. We had a full day off with nothing to do, but hang out as a family...and it was simply amazing!
We went downtown on Friday night to spend the night and wake up early to go to Sea World. On the way down our friend's Tim and Melissa asked if we wanted to make a pit stop at Extraordinary Desserts....um, yes please! I will never pass up good dessert. This place was amazing!!! A sit down restaurant that serves amazing desserts....I don't think it gets much better than that. I got this ice cream that was to die for....peanut butter-peanut brittle...OMG...so good!
The forecast the next day called for rain, but we decided to go ahead with our plans and just leave if the rain got too bad. Amazingly enough it only rained on us once, and we had a great time! Here are some pics from our day away :)

We started off the morning at our favorite restaurant, Busters, in SeaPort Village

Brian asked Maddie which boat she wanted :)

Maddie eats things completely backwards. For this meal she dipped her pancakes in ketchup and poured syrup all over her ham and eggs.
We borrowed a lens that we have been wanting from Bobby Earle....here Brian was testing it out. He has never used a prime before, so it took a little getting used to.

A little Cinderella before we left for Sea World

Melissa grabbed this one of us right before we stuffed our faces at Extraordinary Desserts :)

Melissa and Tim :)
Maddie grabbed this one