Color Theme Thursday- Purple & Yellow

Now that the holidays have come and gone...I now have a little more time to start up Color Theme Thursdays again...whoo hoo! My hope with doing these is that at least one person will find one idea that they might want to apply to their wedding day, and it's fun for me :)
One of my July brides has chosen yellow and purple for the colors of her wedding. I LOVED that idea....very unique. She was the inspiration for this week's Color Theme Thursday.

*Please note* I did not photograph any of these images....enjoy!

Most of these images were simply found through Google search, but some are handmade items from sellers on
I will list below where to find the following items.
1. Purple Shoes- Google
3. Sunflower Center Piece- Google
6. Yellow Umbrella- Google
7. Iced Tea-Google
8. Bouquet-Google
13. Yellow Shoes- Google
14. Boutineer- Google
15. Purple Windmill- Google
17. Yellow Shoes- Google