So, about a month ago I got a myspace message from a friend that I have amazingly stayed in contact with for almost 10 years via myspace. We met when my band played a couple of shows in Arizona with his band soooo long ago.

The message he sent me was titled Hey Neighbor. Now seeing that he is from Minnesota I was excited to see what this could possibly mean. He told me that his job had transferred him and that him and his family were moving about 45 minutes away from me. WHOO HOO! I was so exicited to finally get to see him again and meet his family that I had only seen pictures of.

His wife soon contacted me on Facebook and we started chatting. We immediately became great friends! So, what this whole post is about is what she does for a living. She owns an awesome shop called RockerByeBaby. She designs and sells custom blankets, bibs, binkie clips, bedding, clothes, etc. for all you punk rock mommys and daddys with little punk rock kiddos. Her stuff is so cute, and SO well made...and if there is something that you would like to design yourself...then go for it...she loves doing custom designs!

I was at her house a couple of weeks ago. She had my daughter, Maddie, model some of her clothes....and I took some shots for the website. The clothes are ridiculously cute!
While we were there we custom designed a snuggly for Maddie...she LOVES is super cute, and SO SO will not even believe how soft this fabric is! I'm going to order some custom stuff for me as well :)

Check out or for her etsy shop.

Here are a couple of the shots of I took of my little munchkin for her first modeling shoot :)

shots I did for by you.

You can purchase this shirt here:

shots I did for by you.

You can purchase this dress here:

She was just recently in this months issue of Pregnancy magazine. She custom designed crib bedding for Angie Everheart. Check out the details here: