Rob & Sara- Part 2

So, this week ending up being equally as crazy as last weekend. Maddie ended up having the flu, and had to stay home from school ALL week. The bummer part about having her in school already is that when she stays home....I stay home. When Brian would get home from his day job, I would have to go in to mine and work late at night. It was a rough week to say the least! I wasn't able to get as much edited as I would have like to, but I did manage to get a few more teasers done for these guys.
What was so great about their wedding was that everything was DIY, but didn't look that way. From the set up to the favors...everything was just....perfect. enjoy.

The ceremony took place on the front lawn of the home. The view was AMAZING...the light was PERFECT....I was in love!

I had never seen this before. Little umbrellas instead of baskets....SO cute!

I loved this. These umbrellas were hanging above the sweethearts table. Look at that view!!

Rob with his boys. The younger one discovered shortly before the ceremony that he had the wrong tux! Wrong color, wrong size, wrong everything! The closest tux shop was 30 minutes away! Everything worked out fine, but it was a scary there for a little bit :)