Rob & Sara- Part 1

If Brian and I were to get married again....I think we would do it just like Rob and Sara. They rented out a gorgeous home up on the hill overlooking all of Temecula Valley. It was amazing to say the least. It was a perfect setting for Rob and Sara who were not only becoming husband and wife, but also joining there two families into one.
The house was gorgeous, the weather was gorgeous, the view was gorgeous, and of course the couple was gorgeous....what more could we ask for :)
Here are just a few teasers for them....more to come next week....enjoy!

IMG_7806 by you.

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10.3.2009 .....Brian's idea.....brilliant!

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Sara with her beautiful daughters

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Sara and Rob opted for a first glance...where they see each other before the ceremony....LOVE that! Here's their first glance sequence...

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Every wedding should have sparklers...k?k!

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I ADORE this shot....SO in love with it! :)

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