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For those that have been reading my blog you already have heard about how I tragically lost my Gramp back in August. My grandpa, Dr. Billy D. Viele was hit and killed by a car a on August 1st, 2009

My grandpa lived is life to help others in need. Putting anyone and everyone ahead of himself. After his passing, I wanted to help give back in some way to honor the way that he lived his life. I wanted to tell the story about who he was and what he did, and get people together to help 2 great organizations that he loved.

We put together an annual program called Mission: GIVE in his honor.
Mission:GIVE helps give to 2 wonderful charities that were very important to him....The San Diego Blood Bank and Interfaith Community Services.

Mission:GIVE is set up like a walk-a-thon with no walking involved. You can choose to give blood to San Diego Blood Bank, sponsor a blood donor team by donating to Interfaith Community Services, or do BOTH!!!
All this can be done on our secure website www.MissionGIVEonline.org
We have also set up 2 locations with Blood Mobiles for your convienence:

INTERFAITH Community Services
Tuesday, November 3rd

PALOMAR Hospital- parking lot
Wednesday, November 11th

Please visit our site to find out more details, or email me with ANY questions regarding Mission:GIVE
You can also read a little bit more about my gramp on the site www.MissionGIVEonline.org

I want to encourage everyone to work hand in hand with friends and family to help those in our community that aren't able to help themselves. It is these small acts of kindness and giving that can do so much to help others around us in need.

If you are able to donate blood or give ANY amount to Interfaith Community Services you are doing such a wonderful thing for those who need it in our community.

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Beki Andreasen
VISIT www.MissionGIVEonline.org