A crazy busy weekend and some TEASERS!!

Christmas card season has begun! I drove up to Temecula early Saturday morning to shoot 3 sessions, and came home to find my babygirl with a fever of 102. Poor baby! I stayed home with her this morning, and then left while she was napping to drive up to Long Beach for my last shoot of the weekend. It was a crazy busy weekend, but I had a great time :)

I wanted to post a teaser from each session.....just to drive them all crazy for more....jk :)
More to come in the next few weeks....enjoy!

I started the weekend bright and early with Thais' family. We met up in Old Town, and had a great time!
IMG_0238 by you.
Next, I was off to meet baby "D"
His eyes are out of control! and what a sweetie pie!
IMG_0553 by you.
My last session yesterday was baby "N"
This sweet boy was only 7 weeks old. This shot only took 3 hours to get, but we finally got it....asleep AND smiling! Both of the baby boys that I photographed yesterday DON'T sleep...they don't take naps....I was flabbergasted! I don't think I could of made it through the first few months if Maddie hadn't slept! I give SERIOUS props to these mommys!
So, that is why I was SOOO happy to see this shot...it took us a LONG time to get him to sleep, and when he finally did it was for not more than 3 minutes :)
IMG_0991 by you.
My final weekend session was this afternoon. Debbie is sister to a bride that we photographed this past summer. I LOVE their family. From the minute I walked into their home I felt completely welcomed, and at ease. They are a beautiful family, and I was honored to photograph them in their lovely home :)
IMG_9229 by you.