Color Theme Thursday!!

Introducing....Color Theme Thursday!
My friend Amber over at has this great blog where she has a theme everyday to help her keep up with blogging regularly. Friday is her "Favorites Friday" where she posts all of the cute punk rock stuff she finds in whatever color is the theme for that day.
So, I totally bit her idea :) I always wanted to post stuff that I find online that I think would be rad for brides, but I didn't want to just be randomly posting stuff all the that is how Color Theme Thursday came to be.
Now bi-weekly I will be doing a Color Theme Thursday where I choose a color palette for inspiration, and post some great finds that I would like to share.
The items are not meant to all work together, but are just some ideas that might get your wheels turning about what you might enjoy at your own wedding.

If you have any ideas for color palettes for future Color Theme Thursdays please just leave a comment below, and I will do yours next :)
To kick it off I decided to go with my logo colors :) Hot Pink and Orange...yeah! I'm so excited :)

I've included the direct link to each item below....enjoy!

*Please note that I have never bought from any of these sellers....these are just items that I dig!