Pricing and Package adjustment coming up/ Prayers Needed!

Real quick: I wanted to let you all know that I will be making adjustments to all of my pricing as well as my packages. The changes will take effect starting October 1, 2009. For any of you that are waiting to send in session fees or print orders, please do so before then. Also, for those of you that have inquired about a wedding or session: please contact me, and I will still honor my current pricing as long as we have a scheduled meeting in place.
Now on to more important things...
My good friend Becca is very, very sick, and needs all the prayers she can get!
I'm not so good at explaining her condition, so I will include a note that her sister has posted regarding her disease:

September 13th
Last night my sister began experiencing right sided numbness and pain. As her husband Wade started driving her to the hospital her speech began to fail. He called an ambulance and they brought her the rest of the way to the hospital. She had a CT done and they have found that she has very severe swelling in spinal cord-Transverse Myelitis. This is most likely due to her immune-meditated disease (Behcet's). Basically her body is attacking itself/overreacting to some stimulus at the level of the spinal cord. She received a major dose of steroids and was able to talk better last night, but then this morning she began to have trouble breathing. This is an indication the the myelitis is spreading and now affecting nerves that help control breathing & the diaphragm. She is now anesthetized and on a ventilator that will breath for her. She has to be anesthetized or else her body would fight being on the ventilator.Currently she is having an MRI & CSF tap done- hopefully we will know a little bit more about her situation when the results are in.Right now we just don't know much about what to expect for her future: Things could turn out just fine or her body could continue to overreact and ultimately cause paralysis or even death. For those of you that don't know her: She has a 2 year old son, a 9 month old daughter and a wonderful husband. She is one of the most selfless people in my life- a very talented and precious spirit. Please let everyone know she needs our prayers right now. That is the most effective thing we can do to help her.
Becca, with her daughter, Eliza, in Feb. 2009

Please keep her in your prayers!