Bruno & Chelsie-Part 1

Bruno and Chelsie were wed on the best day of the birthday! Chelsie emailed me about a year ago to ask if I could photograph her wedding. She was concerned that I wouldn't want to work on my birthday, but I had to shoot this wedding! Their good friends Tiff and Jesse were the first wedding I ever photographed...then the next wedding I photographed was their other best friends, Andy and Suzie, so I had to shoot the final wedding in their group of friends :)
It turned out to be an awesome day, and a beautiful wedding. Here are just a few sneek peaks...more to come soon...enjoy!

IMG_9714 by you.

Chelsie's mom and stepdad own a salon up in Northern CA, so of course she got mom in there to do her hair perfectly!
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Such a GORGEOUS bride!
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Arrived by horse and carriage
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Her dress was insanely beautiful!
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