My Gramp- RIP

It still doesn't even feel real. It still feels like I'm going to wake up from a bad dream. I was just thinking last week that with all of the tragedies that happen every day to so many families in this world...the odds are against will happen to us one day, and I was scared.
It happened on Saturday morning- August 1st. My gramp walked his dog Brandie and the neighbors dog Freddy every morning. He was making his usual move across the very busy Rancho Bernardo Road when he was hit and killed by a car. Even as I'm writing this it doesn't feel feels like I'm remembering a story I watched on the news that happened to a different family.
My gramp was honestly THE best man I have ever met, and I am SO honored that he was my gramp. I can't say that he was more than a grandpa to me, but he was....he was the BEST grandpa. He was there for me WHENEVER I needed him without any questions asked. There was no question that he loved his family and his friends....he would do anything for anyone. He was so generous and giving as well. He donated all of his life to helping people....that is what he was truly passionate. Though it is hard to see what good has come of this tragedy...I believe that more will see his good deeds and how generous and good he was, and wish to follow his lead. I miss you very much, Gramp! I love you!
gramprip by you.
Maddie and Gramp 2009