Dave & Shelley- Part 1

It seems like forever ago that I first met with Dave and Shelley. Well, I guess it was.....it was about a year ago. I had just started wedding photography about 6 months before, so I was still just a newbie. I let them know that I had only been doing wedding photography for a handful of months, and I think they were a little hesitant at first....but she let me know that she had complete faith in me, and was excited to have Brian and I as their wedding photographers.
We love Dave and Shelley. Sometimes you meet couples that are just like you, and you just click...they are one of those couples.
Dave and Shelly's wedding was gorgeous and so romantic. It is obvious how crazy these two are for each other! Here are just a few teaser's for them to see when they arrive home from their honeymoon....enjoy!

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