Shane & Jessie-Part 3 and a rant about my health :)

I've been a mess the past month or so. Last month I was sick for a couple of weeks with strange symptoms that felt like pregnancy....I'm happy to announce that it was not :) Then this past weekend I was in bed with a crazy hurt neck/spine/shoulder.
Brian and I are both crackers! We crack our backs several times daily, our necks, our fingers, name it, I crack it. Well this past weekend I woke up to do my morning routine of cracking everything(sorry if this is totally grossing you out) and after I cracked my neck I starting feeling severe pain. A little while later I couldn't move my neck at all and was crying to Brian. He looked at me and told me to try and put my shoulder down and maybe that would help. I said what are you talking about I'm not holding my shoulder up. He told me that one shoulder was considerably higher than the other. I went to look in the mirror and HOLY COW my right shoulder was about 3 inches higher than the other. I thought oh no what have I done! I went to lay down, and soon realized I couldn't get back up. The pain was really bad!
Anyways, I went to the chiropractor today, and am going back this afternoon to have x-rays to see what is up. With everything going on it has made me realize that I'm not getting any younger here. I need to start taking better care of myself. I need to eat better, exercise more, take breaks from the computer, take breaks from work....period. So, I'm going to be slowing down just a bit now. For those of you waiting to see more Teasers I'm sorry to say that I haven't worked the past few days and am now a little behind, but I will get to them as soon as I can!
Now to Jessie and Shane! Here are a few more teasers for them. I'm so in love with these!
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