Maddie started preschool this week!!! I'm beyond blessed that I am able to send her to the same private school that I went to, so I know she is the best hands. She loves her preschool! She doesn't love it as much after 6 or 7 hours when she starts asking for mommy, but they said that before that she is just great. We went back to school shopping last week and picked out her first day of school outfit and a bag to hold her extra clothes in case of an "accident"....which thankfully she hasn't had to use yet :) She is obsessed with the Horton Hears A Who book/movie right now, so it was awesome to find this Horton bg for her to bring to school. She is super proud of it!

IMG_6503 by you.

Ugh, I cannot wait to paint the ouside of our house. It is the most hideous color right now! We are leaning towards yellow which would make for a much better, brighter, cheerier background color when photographing Maddie at her favorite spot....the front door stoop :)

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YEAH first day! She was so excited!

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