Maddie at the beach/ an update on my back

Brian and I got to take Maddie to the beach for the first time this summer a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure how Maddie would react to the ocean, but she LOVED it! She requests to go the beach almost everyday now ;) We were scheduled to go again last weekend, but I hurt my neck right I wasn't able to go along :*( but she had a blast with Daddy!
I've been to the chiropractor several times this week. I had another appointment today to go over what treatment will be for my back and neck. I've been diagnosed with Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease as well as Scoliosis. Both are fairly common, and treatable. One of the biggest changes I have to make is how I move, sit, sleep, and stand....which is a lot harder than it sounds. Right now I'm sitting at my desk typing this trying to sit with my head and shoulders straight, and let me tell's a lot of work. It totally strains my muscles to try and hold it like that, but it's what has to be done to help correct it....bummer! It's going to make my long hours of edit very tiring!
Anyways here are a few pics we snapped from our day at the beach. We have decided to start making use of the camera that we started the company with. When I started last Winter I would shoot with the Rebel XT. We have since upgraded, and have no use for that camera anymore. So, instead of it sitting in a closet, and me never taking pictures on our family will now become the "outing" camera :) These next few images were taken with that camera....enjoy!
_MG_9923 by you.
I tried some new editing on this one...I'm liking it...wish I could remember what I did!
_MG_0017 by you.
_MG_9938 by you.
_MG_0051 by you.
_MG_9934 by you.
_MG_0006 by you.