John & Heather- Part 2

My editing has gotten a little behind, but I am getting closer to getting back on track now. Here are a few long overdue teasers for John and Heather...enjoy!
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Lacing her in.
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This was her childhood friend giving her her "something borrowed"
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Serious team effort
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I can't remember if I wrote about Brian saving Heather's purse from the waves during their engagment session, but Brian once again saved the day at their wedding. A couple of hours into their reception the power suddenly went out. Brian is electrician by day, so he was on it....and had the party up and running again in no time ;)
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I love this next sequence...I'm not sure which of the boys said the following to Heather's mom "Dang, you look sexy without your glasses on". This is the reaction that got :)
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It was priceless
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Heather had only one pose request....can you do the one where his hand is covering part of the picture while we are kissing? Absolutely! I try to be as original as I can with my photography, but honestly there are only so many poses you can do....most of them are just photography classics...but this pose is a BekiDawn original. :)
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