John & Heather- Part 1

These two have such a touching story of how they came to unite their two families as one. They were both previously married, and their families were both very close friends. A few years ago they both tragically lost their spouses, but ended up finding each other again after several years of being out of touch. On the 4th of July they united them and their 6 kids as one family! Brian and I had such a great time photographing their wedding, and were both so touched by their story. They have been patiently waiting for these teasers. I wish I had more for you guys right now, but I promise more to come in the next couple of weeks....enjoy!

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I adore this picture! She is so beautiful!
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I usually wait and edit reception shots last, but there were so many great moments at their reception that I couldn't wait to get to them. Here are just a few.
Both of their daughters having a blast.
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The girls and their friends gettin down!
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Heather and her dad!
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:) She might hate me for posting this one, but I love it!
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The cake was SO good.
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