Jessie- Getting ready at home

I am a sentimental schmuck. It's nice when a bride has a beautiful room to prepare in, but I also love the comfortable feeling we had while photographing Jessie in her room at her mom's house. I thought it was so cool that we were able to capture her last moments in her bedroom before becoming a married woman. It was fun to go through and edit these and know that she will have these pictures to look back on and remember all the little details of her bedroom. Most people could care less about that kind of stuff, but I LOVE it! Here are just a few of my favorites of Jessie getting ready at home.....enjoy!

I love this shot! It's a reflection from the mirror across the room. I love the silhouette!
IMG_1469 by you.
Aren't her save the dates cute?
IMG_1406 by you.
IMG_1439 by you.
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IMG_1462 by you.
The rings. Her ring was passed down to her from one of Shane's relatives....I love that!
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IMG_1475 by you.
Jessie had this specially made for Shane. It says "My heart belongs to a COASTIE". so cute!
IMG_1398 by you.
Jessie had the CDs made for the wedding favors. The CD is filled with love songs that remind you of Jessie and Shane. Great idea. I wish I would have thought of that ;)
Another thing that makes me giggle in this pic is the blueberry bagel. Jessie was starving and she asked her sister to get her a bagel. Her sister is downstairs yelling up at Jessie "What flavor do you want? " "What kind of cream cheese"? Jessie yells down the answer and then turns to me and says she's been my sister for how long and she still doesn't know...I get the same thing everytime. So funny, my family does the same thing. I'm a VERY picky eater. My dad will still bring home a burger with every thing on it, and I'm like ok, have gotten me how many burgers in my life and you still don't know that I like them plain???? :)
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IMG_1475 by you.
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hair and makeup...check.
IMG_1480 by you.
The dress! I love bookcases full of knick knacks and stuffed with books. I shoot detail shots on them whenever I can :)
IMG_1357 by you.
One of my favorite shoe shots of all time ;) I love how the ivory of the shoes matches the decoloration of the books from years of sitting on that bookcase. love it!
IMG_1355 by you.
A detail shot of the dress. Isn't it gorgeous!?! I love all the folds. I should know what the folds are called from all of the seasons of Project Runway I've watched, but I can't think of the technical term right now.
IMG_1360 by you.