The Triplets- 10 months

I photographed the triplets again this morning!! I love photographing these 3, and getting to watch them grow in these images.
We decided on a late morning session this time. I usually like to do morning sessions in the early early AM, but with 4 kids there wasn't any way that she would of been able to get them all ready in time :)
I'm off to go get hopefully get sucked in to the 3rd book in the Twilight series. I started it last week, and am having a hard time getting in to we'll see if it gets exciting tonight :)
Here are just a few teasers for mom, grammy, and grandpa....enjoy

IMG_1479 by you.

IMG_1529 by you.

I love how sweet this is!

IMG_1468 by you.

IMG_1481 by you.

What a comedian!

IMG_1469 by you.