Rob & Sara Engagement- Part 3

I have no patience when it comes to things that I'm excited about. Those that know me well know this about me. On Christmas day, I'm the first one up and ready to open gifts, and when I get someone a gift they are usually forced to open it long before the holiday (I'm getting better at this....I think).
So natrally I'm the same way when it comes to blogging. I'm almost done editing this session, but I just can't wait to post the ones I've already you will be seeing more to come in one more post in the near future;) enjoy!

A new fav of mine....I ADORE this shot!
IMG_9946 by you.
IMG_0221 by you.
IMG_9999 by you.
IMG_0275 by you.
It was pretty misty that morning, and we were a little worried about her hair...but I love that wet hair look in this shot!
IMG_9975 by you.
IMG_0227 by you.
IMG_9951 by you.
IMG_0258 by you.
IMG_0031 by you.
IMG_0279 by you.