Heather's Maternity Session- Part3

I can't believe that the baby hasn't come yet! Last time I posted I thought for sure it was going to be that day or the next. This is good though because now she will get to see these all before the new little one arrives. Here are my final favs from her session....enjoy.

IMG_0919 by you.
IMG_0829 by you.
IMG_0938 by you.
IMG_1044 by you.
IMG_1033 by you.
IMG_0928 by you.
IMG_0848 by you.

IMG_0862 by you.

IMG_1045 by you.

IMG_1014 by you.

IMG_0999 by you.

IMG_1109 by you.

IMG_0968 by you.

I couldn't decide which of these I like more, so I'll post both :)

IMG_0974 by you.

IMG_1148 by you.