Brad & Carly's Day

I've had a bad habit of "jumping the gun" when it comes to blog posts. I always post my favorites from a wedding within the first week of shooting, and then forget to ever do a final post with all my favorite images. I'm going to start doing a post after all images are edited that shows most of my favorites from their day....this will help tell the story of their day a little better. There will be some new images as well as some that I have shown in previous posts from Brad and Carly's it goes....enjoy.

IMG_9690 by you.

IMG_9676 by you.

IMG_9562 by you.

close up of the detail....stunning!

IMG_9582 by you.

IMG_9574 by you.

IMG_9603 by you.

IMG_9604 by you.

IMG_9545 by you.

IMG_9105 by you.

IMG_9695 by you.

IMG_9105 by you.

IMG_9788 by you.

IMG_9742 by you.

The veil never seems to want to do what it's supposed to :)

IMG_9726 by you.

IMG_9715 by you.

Carly's mom seeing her for the first time.

IMG_9649 by you.

IMG_9039 by you.

IMG_9805 by you.

Their church is GORGEOUS!

IMG_9858 by you.

IMG_9870 by you.

Probably my favorite ceremony shot ever!

IMG_9170 by you.

IMG_9189 by you.

IMG_9167 by you.

"the kiss"

IMG_9201 by you.

Brian grabbed this shot of them coming back down the aisle.

IMG_9217 by you.


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IMG_0061 by you.

IMG_9963 by you.

IMG_0203 by you.

IMG_0264 by you.

IMG_0195 by you.

IMG_0134 by you.

Haha...Brian always teases me when I push my glasses up like this, so naturally I had to tease Brad a bit about it :)

IMG_0149 by you.

Such a beauty!

IMG_0071 by you.

IMG_0143 by you.

Their reception took place at the Bahia. They have 2 handicapped seals that live there in an elclosure they have made for them.

Carly and Brad are BIG time animal lovers! I love this shot that Brian got of them watching the seals.

IMG_9377 by you.

IMG_0223 by you.

Brian and I were waiting outside when I noticed Carly seeing her cake inside for the first time. I love how the reflection turned out in the shot.

IMG_0102 by you.

I had to post this for Carly....the olives that she couldn't wait for.

IMG_0276 by you.

grand entrance.

IMG_0334 by you.

first dance.

IMG_0369 by you.

This shot is out of focus, but I still adore it!

IMG_0365 by you.

IMG_0362 by you.

father/daughter dance.

IMG_0400 by you.

IMG_0408 by you.

mother/son dance.

IMG_0426 by you.

and finally the cake cutting.

IMG_0494 by you.

IMG_0506 by you.

Brad & Carly, you guys are awesome! Thanks again for such inviting us to join :)