Wyatt's Birthday

I can't believe that I left Wyatt out of my previous Happy Birthday post. Wyatt is Maddie's boyfriend. He is just 5 days younger than her, and they are super good pals. We celebrated both of their birthday's this week up in Valley Center at Wyatt's house. Here are a few pics from the celebration :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYWY!
Eliza (Wyatt's sister) was being a grump bump, but Brian doesn't mind...he still loves to snuggle her!!

IMG_9681 by you.

I love this shot I took of Wyatt during grace.

IMG_9682 by you.

IMG_9709 by you.

Big hug for the new teddy bear!

IMG_9705 by you.

We got Wyatt some sweet shades

IMG_9700 by you.

I loved the wrapping paper!

IMG_9720 by you.

IMG_9717 by you.

It was new pink Vans...Wyatt got a matching pair in blue...too cute!

IMG_9728 by you.

Putting on the new kicks

IMG_9730 by you.

IMG_9742 by you.

IMG_9737 by you.

From Glorias...the best bakery eva!

IMG_9752 by you.

IMG_9763 by you.

I love all these cake shots!

IMG_9789 by you.

IMG_9788 by you.

IMG_9786 by you.

IMG_9779 by you.