Old Town

I was excited to have some new engagement pictures up today, but our shoot was cancelled due to the weather. Since I won't have those to post today, I thought that I would put up some shots from yesterday.
We were so excited to go to Sea World yesterday, but the weather did not allow. We decided to go to Old Town-San Diego instead. We went and did the tour at the Whaley House, and cruised around old town a bit. We decided to make it a day of Old Town's and headed up to Temecula to check out what was going on in their Old Town. We walked up and down the main street to check out all the shops, and had a great time. We met up with some friends, and had dinner at BJ's....it was super yummy...I highly recommend it! Here are a few images we took on our day out and about :)
This was taken in front of the Whaley House. We took this picture to enter it in a Hansen's soda contest, but then read through the rules to find that you can not be professional photographer....boo!

for a hansens contest by you.
for a hansens contest by you.
Finally, a picture of me and my babygirl...there are too few of these :(
me and my babygirl by you.
IMG_1276 by you.
Probably my favorite shot of the two of them ever.
These next few were at the Rootbeer shop.
the root beer factory by you.
I had just given them fresh new haircuts a couple days before :)
the root beer factory by you.
I worked so hard to get the dang cap off to find that the soda was nasty....there was no syrup...just soda water!
IMG_1280 by you.
IMG_1285 by you.