Brad & Carly-Part 3

Brad and Carly just arrived back from their honeymoon, so I wanted to post a few more for them to see :)
Seriously? Look at her reflection in the mirror...I love it!
IMG_9676 by you.
IMG_9545 by you.
The flower girls kept sneaking a peek of Carly getting dressed...look at the stance her sister was in to try to keep them out :) haha
IMG_9604 by you.
team work
IMG_9674 by you.
I loved her pink shoes! Brides to be....brightly colored shoes are the way to go!
IMG_9574 by you.
I love capturing the little ones looking on in such awe.
IMG_9618 by you.
Her flowers were GORGEOUS!!! Contact me if your interested in her florists name and number.
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I love this shot....they all look so handsome, and their boutineers?love!
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I love that I caught him mid-wink ;)
IMG_9880 by you.
the exit.
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Their reception was at the beautiful "Bahia"...right on the was gorgeous!
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