Birthday Pics

I didn't have time to take many photos of Brian and Maddie's birthday lunch this past weekend, but here are the few that I did take.

The family had not arrived yet, but Maddie couldn't wait any longer to devour her cheese pizza!

IMG_9613 by you.

Our next door neighbor gave us this old swingset a few months ago, but we had never gotten new swings for it. My mom got them for Maddie for her birthday, so her and her cousin can swing at home now :)

IMG_9626 by you.

Maddie's "Tio" (Brian's brother) was in charge of the cake this year. It had french fries on the side. Rad.

IMG_9638 by you.

Maddie and her cuz

IMG_9663 by you.

This was the next day. Maddie never sleeps anywhere but her bed and the car...guess she was still pooped from the day before.

IMG_9678 by you.