Heather & John- Engagement

Brian and I just got home a little while ago from photographing these two, and I couldn't wait to get on my computer to put a few up for them to see!
Heather knew that she wanted her engagement photos on the beach, but we hadn't decided on a spot yet until a few days ago. She emailed me and said that John had been to Oceanside pier for the first time recently, and she couldn't believe that she had never been there either....then I got to thinking...neither had I! I can't believe that I have lived here my whole life and have never been to the Oceanside pier! So we decided that was where we needed to do the shoot. I'm so glad that we did. There were so many different nooks to photograph in....it was fun!
Here are just a few....there will be more to come tomorrow :) enjoy.

IMG_9283 by you.

IMG_9120 by you.

IMG_9498 by you.

IMG_9485 by you.

IMG_9151 by you.

IMG_9178 by you.

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