Happy Easter & 2 Happy Anniversaries

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Tiff and Jesse Wood's wedding, as well as my 1 year anniversay in wedding photography. A year ago today Tiffany and Jesse put there trust in me to photograph their most special day. Knowing that I had never shot a wedding before, they completely trusted me and thankfully ended up with some beautiful wedding images! It turned out to be a gorgeous wedding and a flawless day. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to start with!

Tiff and Jesse, thanks and cheers to one year :)

Here are some shots from their wedding day....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

31 by you.

24 by you.

59 by you.

I also wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.

This was the first year that the Easter Bunny came to our house. Maddie was so stoked when she found what he had left her :)

IMG_7805 by you.

Our Easter breakfast

IMG_7804 by you.