Frank & Davona- The Rings

Brian and I had the pleasure of photographing the marriage of these two this past weekend. I met with Frank and Davona and couple of months ago, and we had an instant connection. They are so laid back, and so easy going! Davona mentioned the first time we met that she loves my ring photos, so I knew I had give her some killer ring shots. I have never started with a ring "teaser" on my blog before, so I thought I would tease Frank and Davona with the shots of their rings for starters :)
There will be more of the happy couple to come within the next few days, so check back.

IMG_6729 by you.

Davona had seen this shot on my website, and wanted one of her own :)

IMG_6719 by you.

I love this one. I asked Davona's daughter if she could grab me the calendar. She went to her room, and got me her personal one. SO CUTE! p.s. Davona has 2 kids that we love...they are super sweet as well :)

IMG_6747 by you.

IMG_6734 by you.