doin my thang

This past weekend my good friend Kevin cruised along to my shoot to help me out. He was actually the one that told me about the rad spot up in LA, so he led the way. I gave him my backup camera to play around with so he wasn't too terribly bored while I shot. When I got home that night and looked at the pictures, I was surprised to see that there were quite a few action shots of me. Brian takes shots of me in action once in awhile, but I never do anything with them. I thought that it might be fun to post them along with the shot that I was taking at the time.

Here are a few of me...doin my thang. The first one was taken by Brian at a wedding this past February...the rest were taken by Kevin.......thanks Kev!

2 by you.
4 by you.
So apparently I direct people using my middle finger? It totally looks like I'm flipping her off, but I'm directing her which way to turn her head :)
3 by you.
This isn't the exact same shot, but we were waiting for people to walk by here.
1 by you.
and what is with my Inspector Gadget arm here? Are my arms really this long?
IMG_7043 by you.