Chris & Annette-Trash the Dress

We just got back from L.A. for Chris and Annette's Trash the Dress session. We decided a couple of months ago that Chris and Annette needed some updated wedding pics, so we decided to go up north and hit the mariachi hot spot. There is this intersection that the bands gather in to try to get work for the day....with Annette being dancer, I thought that this would be the perfect spot to do some pictures.
We got up there, and there were about 5 or so bands waiting for work. We decided to get in a few images of the two of them before we go and bother the bands for a picture. When we came back they were all gone, or on their way out. We did find these 3 guys though who were willing to stand in the even without an instrument....oh well, it would have been cool :) We ended up walking down a little ways to where I saw this rad yellow fence. Here are a few teasers for Chris and Annette....there will be plenty more to come soon!!! enjoy.

IMG_8408 by you.
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