Chris & Annette-Trash the Dress-Part 2

We had such a nice day today. I love days where there is nothing planned...just do as you wish :)
We went to church in the morning...from there went to Brian's mom's house for some seriously awesome pulled pork sandwhiches....from there went to 7-eleven for some ice cold fountain drinks because it was crazy hot by that time...came home and worked while Maddie slept....took Maddie to the park....went grocery shopping....ran in the sprinklers to cool off...and then some friends stopped by in the evening to finish it off . Perfect day.

Enough about my are some more pics from Chris & Annettes session in LA yesterday....enjoy.

I have to give Annette props. She has two broken toes, and still walked in heels all over LA...and they were my heels that were almost 2 sizes too big! I was so worried that she was uncomfortable, but she was all for it ;)
IMG_8589 by you.
I've known Chris a LONG time, and never knew he could work it like this in front of the camera :) Nicely done.
IMG_8346 by you.
IMG_8322 by you.
I adore these 3 fun! I bought this parosel from a gal on Craigslist...I saw it and absolutely fell in love!
3up by you.
IMG_8361 by you.
IMG_8557 by you.
IMG_8675 by you.
I love shots like this where the other people in the picture have no
idea that they are part of the shot!
IMG_8685 by you.

IMG_8630 by you. IMG_8637 by you.

IMG_8643 by you.

IMG_8342 by you.

This was the gazebo at the intersection where the mariachi's hang out to try to get work. It is a beautiful gazebo, but is also the pigeon hot spot. It looks like there is trash all over those, it's feathers. See the thing right to the left of her bouquet...dead bird romantic, right?

IMG_8391 by you.

IMG_8612 by you.

IMG_8358 by you.

IMG_8302 by you.

I had the hardest time with this shot because none of the people walking by understood that I WANTED them in the shot. People kept stopping to be polite, and I kept saying no, no go ahead...I WANT you in the picture....they didn't get it. These two didn't see me and walked right through, and then immeditaley apologized afterwards :)

IMG_8655 by you.