Baby "J"

Ok, so Maddie of course will always win the happiest, cutest baby contest, but this little guy definitely comes in second for sure. The squeals of happiness coming out of him were pretty much the cutest thing ever! I'm heading up to L.A. in just a few minutes, but I wanted to leave mom with a few teasers...enjoy.
IMG_7968 by you.
I love doing shoots at the client's home. It's just so much more personal than a stuffy old studio.
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IMG_8115 by you.
IMG_8187 by you.
IMG_8201 by you.
I am now regretting never hiring a professional to come into our home and taking pictures of Brian, Maddie, and I when she was this age :(
Oh well, there's still time to do it I guess :)
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I believe that this was her great great grandmother's rocking chair with his favorite blankie draped over the back. I knew as soon as I saw the chair that I we had to use it....isn't it a beautiful rocker?
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