Dave & Shelley-Part 3

So, I just finished watching the third group on American Idol. I wasn't even excited about this group because all of my favorites (except for Anoop) have already gotten through in previous rounds, but I have to say there were quite a few good ones tonight. I would say there were 4 or 5 that I would be happy for.

Another exciting tid bit is that I got my house cleaned for the first time today. Cleaning my house has definitely taken a back seat now that I'm working 2 jobs. The last thing I want to be doing is cleaning when I have any free time, so we decided to hire someone to come in and give the house a scrub down once a month. It was amazing to be able to sit and edit photos while my house was being cleaned, and then to sit and watch Idol in a clean house felt even better!

So here are some more from Dave and Shelley's engagement session.
I tried some different editing on a few of them today as well.

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