Dave & Shelley- Part 2

So I usually save the best for last, but I just can't wait....I love this one so much that I can't wait to show it :) I also have the image without the texture that I will include in a future post. Isn't it so hot?

IMG_6236texture by you.

IMG_6152 by you.

IMG_6182 by you.

IMG_6251 by you.

IMG_6358 by you.

They brought us up to a park that they used to live right next to before they moved to L.A. It was awesome! It was way up high on a hill overlooking all of the city. There were wide open lawns with lots of trees....LOVED it!

IMG_6225 by you.

Awww the light :)

IMG_6241 by you.

Dave, that is completely inappropriate.....j/k, I totally made him do it :)

IMG_6213 by you.

IMG_6162 by you.

IMG_6181 by you.

IMG_6351new by you.

IMG_6145 by you.

Trying out some new editing

IMG_6329 by you.

I'm still working on editing this session, so keep checking in for more in the next couple of days.