New Website & A Crazy Hail Storm

Brian and I had an office day today. We brought Maddie to my mom's house, and spent the whole day glued to our computers. We both were so productive! Brian worked on getting everything ready to do our taxes, and I worked on the new website.
I'm thrilled to announce that the new WEDDING website is up. You can check it out at
go to the wedding site, and let me know what you think :)
I do not claim to be a website designer, but there were some changes that I really needed to make so I decided to re-design it by myself.

We actually had a shoot scheduled today in the late afternoon. I had been hearing that it was supposed to rain today, so I would occansionally glance out at the sky to see if rain clouds were coming. At about noon I checked, and there were perfectly blue 12:30, crazy amounts of hail were pouring out of the sky. It was pretty exciting...except for the fact that it destroyed all the new flowers that I just planted last weekend :(
Here's a few quick snapshots from our front door...

This mound of ice is still sitting there...11 hours later