Quarterly Price Change

I wanted to give a heads up that my pricing and packaging structure will be changing in the near future. I currently have a packages available, but starting in February it will become an ala carte system that will be more of a build-your-own package system. There will be a basic package that will include photography time for 2 photographers, a high-res CD with all edited images, a copyright release, on an online slideshow. It will be up to you to add on from there.
The current packages and pricing will still be available to those clients that already contacted me, or that do contact me before the 1st of February.

I had totally forgotten that I took these pictures. I just found them on a card that I was going through. I bought this rocking horse at a thrift store when Maddie was just a tiny baby. She is finally big enough to ride it, and really gets going super fast...I'm always so nervous that she's going to go flying over the handlebars!